URBAN WOODSMAN Hennie Goddard realises high quality designs, skilfully manages projects and construction teams, and ensures personal involvement in every endeavour - from fast and flexible sets and props for film and commercials to thoughtful, authentic pieces of furniture that are sure to become heirlooms.   

Creativity, sensibility and efficiency combined. 25 years of hands on wood and counting...

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There is nothing like the film and commercials industry to test your creative and project management skills. Producing often unusual designs on a budget and to immovable deadlines is the order of the day. Imagine a slave ship, a wooden rocking horse, furniture and fittings rigged for special effects,  horse-drawn coaches, whole medieval villages and futuristic space scenes, to name just a few. 


URBAN WOODSMAN Hennie Goddard on IMDb. 

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URBAN WOODSMAN Hennie Goddard is as passionate about his vintage hand tool collection as he is about the increasingly rare skill of being a true craftsman. He is pragmatic though, and combines the efficiency of a modern workshop with age old principles of solid construction techniques and hand finishing. 

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